I am Inna from Japan.
I’m half Japanese and half Ghanaian but I didn’t come to Ghana for 20 years until last year.
When I saw the reality of Ghana I realised that we have to do something for them.
Children are sleeping with trash, excrement, and the cattle. Some of them are sleeping inside the broken fridge.
It’s not a place for children to grow up.

So I have started my NGO from last year to help street children and orphans in Ghana, Africa. I’m planning to built eco orphanage and support all children who need help.

One of the project that I am doing for now is sending used clothes, towels and shoes from Japan. Even they are sleeping on the street or not going to school, they like fashion and they want to wear cute clothes too!

Name of my NGO is INNA which is same as my name. INNA means mother in African language.
I hope orphans can think as me like a mother someday.
I’ll do best to support them.
Hope you can share something with my project.
Thank you.


AkikoFrid Byrå supports INNA. If you also want to do something for INNA, get in touch with Akiko. There are different ways to support the children in Ghana through INNA.