Love Hour 13 February 2021: 15h00 – 16h00

Join Akiko and Hannelie Online via Zoom

Japan 15h00 -16h00 JST 
Hosted by Akiko in Japanese
Zoom Link: Japan:


Sweden 15h00 – 16h00 CET
Hosted by Akiko and Hannelie in English
Zoom Link: Sweden:

Why the Global Love Wave?

It is our choices that show us how to lead our lives. With Love of with fear.

With so much trauma, fear, uncertainty, grief, sorrow, and overwhelm in our world, it is easy to feel lost, lonely, and hopeless, and to forget about the power of love, beauty and possibility.

Once a month we come together for a Love Hour, to invite, embrace, embody, and celebrate love, and to be reminded of the power of love in all its expressions, forms, and facets.

Co-hosted by like-minded and like-hearted facilitators, guides, and coaches from across the globe, we come together at 15h00 our local time to co-create a global Love Wave. 

How to join?

You join wherever you are, at 15h00 your local time via Zoom. We start the Love Wave at 15h00 local time in the Far East/New Zealand and continue to share Love Hour Events until 15h00 local time in Western USA/Alaska/Canada.

For more details about our Love Influencers sharing Love Hour events on 13 February 2021 at 15h00 local time, visit the Facebook Event and join our Facebook Group  

Its all happening here on 13 February 2021

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About Hannelie:

Hannelie is a Joy Generator and loves to create, design and share experiences that reminds us of our goodness, greatness and genius. She has a passion to explore and contribute to new ways of being, doing business, and learning, so all humans, our planet and all living creatures can thrive.

With a passion for human and organizational potential actualuzation, the founder and creator of the Joy Generation, and the founder of The Inspiration Gap, a Leadership and Creative Innovation Consultancy, and Thrivability Incubator, Hannelie Venucia has 28 years of Management, Change Management, Creative Innovation, Business, IT, HR, Leadership, and Strategy Consulting experience, across 4 continents.
A seasoned international public speaker, gifted workshop creator, and embodied change facilitator, Hannelie has created, led, and facilitated various Innovation, Creativity, Leadership, and Sensemaking events, workshops, and programs in Japan, Romania, Spain, UK, Turkey, Ghana, Malawi, Zambia, and Southern Africa.

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