April 29: Shiatsu/akupressur workshop av Zen Shiatsu Association Japan

Kl. 14 – 16
150 kr (Student 100 kr)
ABF Panna
Anmälan behövs.

Shiatsu/akupressur är en manipulativ terapi som föddes och blomstrade i Japan. Den har byggt positionen som alternativ medicin, och Shiatsu-utövare behöver godkänna den nationella undersökningen och måste licensieras av den japanska regeringen.

I Workshopen går vi igenom både teoretiskt och praktiskt.

Lärare:Masami Fujisaki

Assistenter: Makiko Kanno och Takuya Ishii

I förmiddag finns det möjlighet att få Shiatsu behandling. 45 min behandling: 450 kr

Ta med dig en yoga matta eller liggunderlag och två stora badlakan och en kudde.

Boka tid, ring Akiko 0730 744 627

Läraren Masami Fujisaki

Makiko Kanno
Takuya Ishii


Profile of Masami Fujisaki

Shiatsu therapist (Japanese national licensed), Zen Shiatsu teacher,
Vice director of Zen Shiatsu Association Japan

Graduated from The Japan Shiatsu School
Live in Tokyo with family (husband and two cats), hobbies are dress-making and sign language.

My major in a university was psychology, but somehow I used to feel out of place with it which is supported by the science of brain with experiments and statistics. Then I took notice of psychological good effects by Shiatsu and believed it could work for mental health, and decided to become a Shiatsu therapist.

At the age of 25, I met a book which changed my life. It was written by Mr. Shizuto Masunaga and the title was “Health Care with Suji and Tsubo”. I didn’t expect much before I read it and imagined it might be a book merely showing how to do Shiatsu on acupoints. But it was quite different and was much rich in content. It was a book of Masunaga’s philosophy wholeheartedly that he had felt Meridians as “ life-echoes” through Shiatsu. When I read this book, I had a hunch that this is what I have been looking for. Then, I made up my mind that I would master Zen Shiatsu this great teacher made by all means and would make it my lifework.

After I completed all the courses at Iohkai, I contenued to learn Zen Shiatsu with some teachers who learned it from late Master Masunaga directly. Also I made a study group of Zen Shiatsu with some classmates at the Shiatsu school. The instructor we asked for the study group was Nobuyuki Fujisaki, who became my husband later.

In 1987, my husband and I established Zen Shiatsu Association Japan. I wished to tell merit of Zen Shiatsu many people and to make company who study hard by competing each other. Since then for 30 years, I have been practicing clinical treatment as a specialist of Zen Shiatsu and administering Zen Shiatsu Association. My present challenges are to teach Zen Shiatsu as a Japanese culture to many people all over the world and to encourage the young talent to train up for experts on Zen Shiatsu.

What is Zen Shiatsu

What is Zen Shiatsu Association Japan